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Tap List

Elevation 66 Beers

All House Beers Served In 20oz Engilish Pint for $7.50 *High Gravity & Barrel Aged Beers Served In Tulips*

House Taps

East Bay IPA

Elevation 66's west coast style IPA. Golden-orange colored with a strong hop flavor. Well balanced with the malt and citrus hop notes, this beer is a joy for any IPA fan.

Esther's Stout

A smooth drinking, low a.b.v stout made with dark roasted malts. Roasty, bold, coffee tones accompany this dark ale with a strong vanilla nose and mild vanilla flavor.

Rotating Favorites

Laurel Leaf Pale Ale

Our spring seasonal Pale Ale is back! This is a twist on our Bay Trail Pale Ale, However with this version we replaced some of the hops in both the boil & dry hop additions with local Bay Laurel leaves giving the brew a nice herbal not to compliment the hops!

Old 66 Strong Ale

Rich & Malty Old 66 is the perfect beer for the winter months - definitely one to sip rather than slam. Caramel, chocolate, vanilla & molasses run wild in this beer - amazing well balanced with no hint of booziness even at the higher ABV.


Our Two Beagle Brown Ale aged in Bourbon Barrels on Black Mission Figs

Ramble Tamble Red Ale

Wonderfully complex, malty backbone with a strong, citrusy, crisp hop finish. A classic American style red ale.

Contra Costa Kolsch

Our California take on this classic German style. Contra Costa Kolsch is a refreshing, light bodied ale not unlike a pilsner. Hay and Honey notes dominate the palette with just a hint of bitterness from the hops.