Elevation 66 Brewing Company will fill the following clean vessels:

  • Elevation 66 Brewing Company branded 64oz growlers - NOW AVAILABLE!
  • Non-Elevation 66 Brewing Company growlers in 32oz or 64oz sizing.
    • We will fill non-Elevation 66 Brewing Company growlers with our beer only if all other names, logos, and addresses of other breweries are covered. The best way we have found for covering the logos is with blue/green painters tape. This will not damage any logo already on the bottle. Please do not cover it with paper.
    • Non-Elevation 66 Brewing Company growlers must be designed to hold pressurized beer and must be amber colored glass or stainless steel. If it’s not meant to be a growler, it’s not a growler & we reserve the sole right to make that determination.

Elevation 66 Brewing Company will not fill the following:

  • Ceramic, clear or green glass growlers
  • Dirty growlers
  • Growlers that do not have a size marking clearly and stated on the vessel

Elevation 66 brewing company Growler Policies:

Growlers must be CLEAN. We will not clean any dirty growler, we will simply refuse to fill it. Please be responsible when bringing in a growler to be filled and bring us something presentable. 

We may cut or limit growler fills of particular beers at any time. We reserve the right to NOT fill your growler for any reason.

Our growler policy is subject to change at our own discretion.

Elevation 66 Brewing Company Suggested Growler Maintenance:

Drink the beer fresh. Don't leave it for a couple weeks in your fridge waiting for that perfect night to open it. 

  • After purchasing a growler filled by us - Keep it out of direct sunlight. & keep it cold. Try & open it within less than 5 days of the fill. Enjoy during the same day you open it as it will lose carbonation relatively quickly, & nobody likes flat beer!
  • When you have drank all of that tasty, tasty beer - Rinse at least twice with water, don't use soap. Fill the growler  up most of the way with water and give it a few shakes. Make sure there is no foamy water coming out (that’s still the beer). Leave the screw top or swing top off of the top of the growler and let the growler dry out with some airflow.