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Sitting at 66 Feet Above Sea Level...

Elevation 66 Brewing Company began September 1st, 2011. 

Founded and run by three partners - David Goodstal, Esther Goodstal, & Brian Kelly - the company was formed in hopes of providing quality, hand crafted beers for the people of the San Francisco Bay Area. With an emphasis on supporting other local business, the brewery developed an artisanal, seasonal food menu sourcing most of its ingredients from local farms and bakeries. In an area that is increasingly valuing local establishments, the brewery hopes to become an anchor in the developing east bay neighborhood of El Cerrito in which the 60 plus person brewpub is located.  Along with hand crafted beer and a noteworthy food menu, the brewpub also doubles as a venue for local artists to display their work.

The brewery features six beers that are crafted on site as well as a rotating selection of guest taps from other California microbreweries. With twelve beers available at all times at the brewery, the portfolio of beers should be broad enough to satisfy almost all preferences of style.

The Elevation 66 Brewing Company values sustainability and environmental care. As a result, the brewery created a bar made out of all reclaimed materials,  they donate all of their spent grain to a local farm to feed the cattle, and they pride themselves on being a conscious establishment that minimizes their footprint as much as possible. So please; come in, enjoy a beer, indulge your appetite, and be a part of this growing community. Thanks in advance, hope to see you soon.

Chef - Eleazar Prieto